Sign Ups for Pay

Updated Mar31,2020. New Offers to be posted soon!

Here we have listed best sign ups for pay. Below are various recommended ways to make money by signing up to a service that does not cost anything to join.  Some options may require certain monetary transactions to qualify for the bonus.

Furthermore, once you have signed up, you will receive your own referral and affiliate links so you can receive additional payments and benefits.

Recommended, Trusted Financial Services

Services below are legitimate and safe. Each service is offering free money or objects of value (gift cards, stocks, cryptocurrencies, etc) once you sign up and complete the steps. There are no costs, but you may need to move your money around. The end result is profit.  Be prepared to submit your personal details including ID, banking info, social security number, etc through the service’s encrypted app.

Not sure where to start? Follow this order for the fastest way to the free money:

1) CashApp – Gain $5

2) Chime – Gain $50

3) eToro – Gain $50

4) All of the Stock Investing Apps – Gain $100+

5) Apply for the Chase credit card – Gain $200 after you spend $500

6) Attach your credit cards to Swagbucks and Pei

Need assistance receiving your incentive bonuses, use the contact form below and we’ll guide you through.

Stocks and Investing Start-Ups Paying Free Money and Free Stocks

Robinhood – Free Stock

-Sign up, and as soon as your application is approved, you will receive a free stock in your account, usually valued between $5-$10 with a chance of receiving a higher valued stock (Berkshire Hathaway!).

-Use your referral link and receive up to $500 per year in stocks.


Webull – Two Free Stocks

-Open an account; first free stock is worth $2.50-$250.

– Deposit any amount; second free stock is worth $12-$1400.

-Use your referral link and receive THREE free stocks for a signup.

Stash – Free $20, plus chance to win $2500

-Add funds to your Stash account; receive $20 free, plus a chance to win $2,500.

-Use your referral link and receive $5 for each signup.


MooMoo – Two Free Stocks

– Sign up and open a trading account, you will get a free stock card valued $4-$200.

– Make the first deposit of $500 or more, you will get another free stock card valued $10-$1000.

-Use your referral link and receive free stocks upon each signup.


Dough – Free Stock

– Sign up and you will get a free stock.

– Use your referral link and receive a free stock upon each signup.

Offer coming soon

Banking / Credit Card Sign-Up Bonuses

Chase Banking – Free $350

– Open an eligible new Chase checking or savings account and complete qualifying activities.

– Get an additional $50 for each referral who opens a new qualifying checking or savings account with your referral link.

Chase Credit Card – Free $200

– Apply for the credit card. Spend $500, receive a free $200 bonus + points.

– Use your referral link for additional cash bonuses.

Discover Card – Free $50

– The Discover it Credit Card offers a $50 sign-up bonus and double cash back on all purchases for 12 full months.

– Use your referral link for additional $50 bonuses.

Online Banking / Moving Money Easily Digitally

Cash App – Free $5

-SPECIAL NOTE: Use CashApp to send funds to banks to collect some “direct deposit” bonuses. This is massively beneficial. Banks may soon catch on, so act quickly. Need help? Use the comment form below.

-Sign up, and as soon as you transfer any amount of money, you will receive $5.

-Use your referral link for an additional $5 for every sign up.

Chime – Free $50

– Create a Chime online bank account.

– To get the $50 bonus, attach your CashApp account to your Chime account. Move $200 from your CashApp to your Chime. You will receive a $50 free bonus.

– Use your referral link for additional $50 bonuses.

Varo – Free $75
– Join Varo. Earn $75 after you deposit $200 through direct deposit.
– Use your referral link for additional $75 bonuses.

Cryptocurrency Related

eToro – Free $50 to Trade.

– Join eToro and once you make a deposit, you’ll get $50 cash.

– Use your referral link to get an additional $50 each signup.


Coinbase – $10 with $100 buy or sell of crypto plus free crypto airdrops exploring Alt Coins.

-Sign up, and once you have bought or sold $100 worth of cryptocurrency, you will receive $10 worth of Bitcoin. From there you can either cash out your $110 to receive your money back, or leave your money as crypto which means the value will fluctuate.

-You can also receive free Alt-Coins:



Stellar Lumens (XLM)


Binance.US (US Residents) or Binance (Non-US Residents) – 10% additional when you purchase cryptocurrencies.

– Sign up, and when you purchase cryptocurrencies you will receive an additional 10%. From there you can either cash out your additional 10% to receive your money back, or leave your money as crypto which means the value will fluctuate.

– Invite and Earn Crypto Together.
Earn up to 40% commission every time your referral makes a trade.

Savings, Discounts, and Bonus Add-ons

Swagbucks – Free Gift Certificates

– Download the app, Install the extension, attach your credit cards.

Swagbucks earns you real rewards for things you do online or on your phone. At home or on the go, you can conveniently earn points (called SB). SB points can be redeemed easily for cash (Paypal) or gift cards to your favorite stores.

– Earn bonuses for referrals. You and your referral get a 300 SB Bonus when your referral earns 300 SB within their first 30 days. PLUS, you’ll also earn 10% of their SB earnings for the life of their account.

Pei – $2.50 Welcome offer.

– Sign up and attach your credit card accounts.  Your purchases will translate to automatic cash back and bonuses.

– Use your referral link for $2.50 bonus upon each signup.

ibotta – Extra cash bonuses and coupons on purchases.

– Sign up at ibotta and make sure to use REFERRAL CODE: yefckuc

– Scan receipts, earn cash. Link ValuCard and storecards, earn cash.

– Pay using the app to earn 10% off purchases.

FetchRewards – 2000 point signup bonus and rewards for receipts.

– Sign up and receive 2000 points (worth $2).

– Use the app to photo receipts. Points are earned and then cashed for money and gift cards.

– Use your referral link to receive 2000 points each signup.


Brave Publishers – Receive BAT donations and tips

– First, download the BRAVE brower. It’s an incredible internet browser that blocks ads, scripts, trackers. It runs faster than other browers, sucks less battery on mobile. It’s also a newly-imagined way of browsing ads online.  You can choose to turn ads on, and you get paid for viewing them.

– You will then want to sign up for BRAVE Publishers/Creators to start accepting BAT donations and tips.

Honey – Finds the lowest prices while shopping online.

– Install the extension, Download the app.

– Honey is a free browser extension that unlocks the internet’s best deals. One click and Honey automatically finds, tests, and applies the best coupon code at checkout on 40,000+ popular sites.

– Refer two to get $10 in Honey Gold, redeemable for gift cards.


Do you have a recommendation for an affiliate/referral sign-up not mentioned above? Send us a message with your affiliate link and we will sign up using your link.  If we decide not to sign up, we might choose to use your referral link in the listings above.