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Effective Growth Social Media Marketing for Cannabis Companies, CBD, and Marijuana Projects. Simplified!
Let's Grow your Cannabis/CBD Business and Amplify your Posts on Social Media.
Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Email Extractions

Marketing for the Cannabis/CBD Industry, simplified!

Hello! We are a small marketing company that focuses on creative and unique social media techniques to help cannabis-related companies blossom and flourish online. We bring the genuine, real, targeted potential clients and customers to your company’s social media profiles so your content is seen and amplified (instead of hoping for content to attract the people).

Let's Grow Your Canna-Presence!

Real Followers

Brings real, active, targeted people to you and your brand – Makes them followers, fans, clients, and customers.

Targeted Users

Establishes a quality fanbase that will see and amplify your promotional messages.

Community Creation

Creates the pedestal for you to be a influencer in your niche. Creates an online community focused around your brand.

Tested Strategy

Effectively catapults your company above the competition – Gives your business a major advantage when it comes to digital marketing and online awareness.

Follower Boost Gains Organic:


Targeted Followerboost
$ 44 per cycle
  • After extracting Twitter users’ data fitting your targeting specifications, the list is re-sorted so quality users are at the top of the list and top-down targeting starts at the top of the list.
  • Option to Auto Like - Your profile would automatically like targeted posts from other users to generate more interactivity.
  • Option to Auto Retweet - Your profile would automatically retweet posts from users and hashtags of your choosing.
  • Option to Auto Reply Comment - Your profile would automatically comment your custom messages on tweets in a specific hashtag or you may want to auto-reply to anyone that tweets to you.
  • Option to Auto Direct Message - Your profile would automatically send your custom message to current followers, new followers, or both. Also an option to delete all DMs quickly.
  • A cycle consists at least 500 new followers and is 7 days minimum. Certain targeting, especially specific location targeting, may take several weeks to achieve a completed cycle.


Targeted Followerboost
$ 30 per cycle
  • After extracting Pinterest users’ data fitting targeting, the list is re-sorted so quality users are at the top of the list and topdown targeting starts at the top of the list.
  • Includes automatic likes (approx 300-500 a day). Your profile will automatically like posts in your niche.
  • Includes automatic repinning (approx 300-500 a week). Your profile will automatically re-pin posts in your niche, building your boards, gaining board followers. You would then post your own promo and pins into your largely followed boards.
  • A cycle consists consistent new board followers, click-throughs, and is 7 days minimum.


Cannabis Industry Connections
$ 56 per cycle
  • Cannabis Industry connections include contacts that are owners, CEOs, decision makers, managers, dispensaries, growers, investors, and companies involved in the current Cannabis/CBD marketplace.
  • Please note, these LinkedIn connections will be gained onto your personal profile, not your company's page. We can set up "Auto-invite to Company Page."
  • A cycle consists of at least 100 new connections and 10 days minimum.

Email Address Lists

Targeted Data Extractions
$20 per 1000 emails & personal infos
  • Gain targeted fresh email address lists, generated from scraping cannabis and CBD sub-niches on Linkedin and Instagram.
  • Free consultation on the many uses for email address lists and data extractions, just ask.

Social Media Growth Marketing moves fast. Our full suite of current services are not always listed on this website.  Please contact us using the form below, and we will send you are most current list of options and offer customized strategies.


Our Followerboost system gains real, genuine, targeted people, and generates thousands of quality post impressions / profile views. These are real potential customers and clients, gained using methods to organically blossom the account. We are transparent and would be happy to share the behind-the-scenes process if you’re interested.

Our method is not considered “buying followers.” No fakes and no bots are involved.  Followerboost is a social media marketing management (SMM) service and we co-admin the profile.

If you’ve heard about or are currently using any other social media service, we would be happy to analyze their service and describe the comparisons and differences to Ravelong’s services. We have a data extraction and sorting techique that most services cannot offer. Our Followerboost beats out the competition in both quality and quantity.  Our ‘live-targeting’ option cannot be matched by any software as a service.

Before we start we would want to determine targeting:
There a lot of interesting targeting options and demographics selection options we have available and we’ll discuss this with you prior to starting. (location, age, what they’ve said, what they’re into, what they purchase online, where they’ve been, who they engage with, how influencial they are, etc.). Once we start, we’ll get a good sense of your niche market after a few days.
To start
-We need your login credentials – There are settings so you maintain highest control of the account.
-Add your mobile phone number and email address to the account if it’s not verified in the account already.  When there’s a verification check, it will go to your phone or email to approve.
Posting content:
We do not post your content.  You don’t have to post content for Followerboost to still work, however, we recommend at least some minimal postings.
What to expect:
-The follower numbers will go up and following numbers will go up and down. 
-We sweep and clean your profile every few days removing any junk that gets in. Junk and barnacles need to get in for us to blacklist.
-Many spam DMs will come in. You can ignore any spam DMs by not responding. Look through the DMs for genuine business inquiries.

Yes, definitely! My services work perfectly with digital agencies, social media marketing managers, content marketers, SEO pros, entrepreneurs, freelancers, etc.  It’s extremely beneficial to have me in your back pocket because what NTTG brings to the table is what you bring to the table.

NTTG is open and flexible when it comes to fitting in with your company or agency.  Usually the options most preferred are:

NTTG works as “white label” – If NTTG ever needs to talk to your clients directly, we don’t mention our company, only your company.  To your clients, our services is part of your team getting the job done.  Your clients pay you. You pay us.
You may want to send NTTG your clients directly. While we work on theirs, we’ll work on your own company’s profile no charge.   If we’re working on 4 accounts you’ve sent, your company profile will be follower-boosted at no charge on-going.
Basic referral: Send someone and when they go a month, you get a week free.

NTTG accepts PayPal, Venmo, and most forms of Cryptocurrencies.

Please be advised, there are guidelines to posting content..

On Twitter, posting the same link or tagging too many people may cause a temporary 1-3 day shadowban.  Twitter is very lenient and permissive.

NTTG is not responsible for lost, damaged, suspended, or terminated accounts. We will absolutely do our best to guide you with best practices to posting content, but when it comes down to it, you are responsible for the content you post.

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